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Howzit Guys   We have some news to share with you.   You’ve more than likely noticed the lack of new bud being placed on the site. This is not because we don’t have the greatest cultivators in SA part of the Co-op, because we do. It’s because our legal team has advised that we hit pause while the current legal cases are going on in Cape Town.   These cases are based on the Cannabis Grow Club model and our advice has been to employ a wait and watch action. Even though we are a Co-operative and run off a different model than the grow clubs we still feel at this stage it’s best not to put ourselves in harm’s way of any confusion that could be seen between the 2 models.   You can bet we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that our re-opening happens sooner rather than later. Until such time we’ll be keeping you informed as to when we will be re-opening.     Feel free to chat to us in the meantime if you have any questions Sean Sampson Founding Member